Contact Lens Exam

Getting Started with Contact Lenses: Your Exam Made Easy

Trying contact lenses for the first time? It’s normal to feel a bit nervous, but don’t worry! Your contact lens exam is all about finding the right fit for your eyes and lifestyle. Here’s what to expect:

Step 1: A Thorough Eye Checkup 

First things first, your eye doctor will make sure your eyes are healthy and ready for contact lenses. This includes:

  • Discussing your health history
  • Standard eye tests (vision, color perception, eye movement, etc.)
  • Checking for conditions like glaucoma
  • Finding the best lens prescription for your vision needs

Step 2: Choosing Your Contacts

Think about your preferences:

  • Daily disposables or longer-wear?
  • Want to change or enhance your eye color?
  • If you’re over 40, your doctor will discuss how contacts can help with age-related vision changes.

Step 3: Measuring Up

Your doctor will take precise measurements of:

  • Your cornea: Its curve helps determine the ideal lens shape.
  • Your pupil size: For the best lens diameter.
  • Tear production: They’ll check if you have dry eyes, as this can affect which lenses are suitable.

Step 4: The Test Drive

Now for the fun part! You’ll try on a trial pair of lenses. Your doctor will check:

  • The Fit: Making sure they’re comfortable and don’t move too much.
  • Your Vision: Ensuring you see clearly with the lenses in.

Step 5: Your Turn to Try

You’ll usually wear the trial lenses for a week, then return for a follow-up:

  • Comfort Check: Are the lenses still feeling good?
  • Vision Check: Is everything sharp and clear?

Feeling Confident? It’s Time to Order!

Tips for Newbies:

  • Don’t Be Afraid: Your eye doctor is there to guide you and answer any questions.
  • Take Your Time: You’ll be learning how to put in and take out your lenses, so be patient with yourself.